Sacred Spaces

Mapping Religion and the Built Environment in Early-Modern Venezuela


Sacred Spaces is a digital project about the history of the Province of Venezuela through the lens of the religious built environment created during the colonial period (1500-1800).

The interactive map is a visualization tool for geographical and historical information about the religious history of the colonial Venezuela. Each of the points contains information about different temples and locations established in the region since the arrival of Europeans in the sixteenth century and prior to the process of independence in the early-eighteenth century.

Using different primary and secondary sources, we are locating in space and time all the religious temples, missions, encomiendas, towns, cities, and villages built between the late-sixteenth and the early-eighteenth centuries.

Each of the markers in the map provides background information the place. Some of these markers will allow users to access pages of detailed information from each of the temples in the map.

Click any of the entries to find out more about the towns and temples created throughout the colonial period!